Foreign Workers

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It is expected that Canada businesses faces lots of bottlenecks as time goes by. Due to Manpower shortage which is caused by low birth rate & population there is lots of unpredictable delays in finding a replacement for existing positions and It makes it difficult for Canadian businesses and recruiters to recruit workers from inside of Canada. The Canadian government has introduced various measures for them to make it easy and quick to find work force from overseas . According to Foreign Worker programs Trained Professional seeking to work in Canada apply to that.

Survival and growth require diversified workforce – a team of personnel with different education, culture, and experience backgrounds. This can be viewed as a great opportunity. Provincial and federal governments introduce Foreign Worker programs and according to that Trained Professional have the options to work in Canada.

Our Services:

  • Guidance on Proof of Recruitment efforts, as required
  • Employment Authorization (Service Canada or Nomination Application) from Canadian business
  • Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) application by foreign worker
  • Logistics
  • Orientation of Foreign worker
  • Licensing of Foreign worker


If a foreigner who wish to make Canada, their home demonstrate that their skills are required by Canadians today they can obtain an offer from a Canadian business.

Imani Immigration is the vital link between the foreign worker and the Canadian business. We help both parties and act as your representative in Canada, when you are abroad and do our best effort to offer you the chance to become legally settled faster in Canada.

Employee Authorization:

Canadian businesses wishing to hire overseas workers need to do more than just make a written Offer of employment to foreign national.

Any job offers from any Canadian Businesses made to a foreign worker must be processed by Service Canada. SC checks various factors and provides an opinion, depending upon the duration of the job that are offering.

There are 2 types of processes, depending upon the type of the worker.

Temporary workers – Work permit – Labour Market Impact Assessment

Permanent workers – Skilled Worker – Arranged Employment Opinion

Labour Market Impact Assessment

Fulfilling short-term labour shortage, These workers come to Canada for temporary period only, on a Work permit. SC issues them a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). A Work Permit application needs to have a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMAI).

ESDC considers the following factors while processing a LMAI application:

Arranged Employment Option:

These workers come to Canada as Permanent Residents. A permanent job offer supports their application with additional points and results into faster processing. SC issues an Arranged Employment Opinion (AEO) in these cases.

Imani Immigration can help such businesses in their journey. We provide various levels of services to Canadian businesses for Employment authorizations.