Appeals and refugee Claims: Refugee Claims

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Every person is entitled to protection from persecution.

The right to life, liberty and security of the person is enshrined in Canada . Under the Refugee Determination System, an individual who have a fear of persecution is to be granted asylum in Canada as a refugee, when he or she is outside his or her home country.

Refugee Claim Process

Canada protect genuine refugees. People who get to Canada can claim refugee protection at any border point, inside Canada, or at a Canadian Immigration Visa Office.

Refugee claims are complex. It is always advised to people seeking refugee protection to be represented by a competent Canadian attorney with expertise in this area of the law.

Residency obligation Appeals


Spousal and other-family members Appeals

The Applications to sponsor Spouse and dependent children will be processed faster. also, economic capability is not a requirement for sponsoring spouses and dependent children.

Also Adopted children may be eligible for Canadian citizenship too.

Humanitarian and Compassionate Application:

People, who do not qualify under the Skilled worker Selection system can apply to this program and get permanent residence in Canada. The Application can be processed either within or outside of Canada. They have to convince the visa officer that circumstances they are facing is extraordinary, and they face extreme hardship, if they stay in their country of residence.

This visa is discretionary and rarely successful. Generally, spouses, dependent children of Canadian citizens/ PRs, De facto family members, people facing risk, family violence, Long-term illegal residents unable to leave due to circumstances beyond their control, etc. find it easier to make a successful application under this category.